P.E fun

Mr O'Donoghue has been working with year 4 this term. He has provided lots of different ways for the children to show good sportmanship, get active and make improvements to their skills. We have worked on team skills in activities such as football, bench ball and circuit training. We have been working hard on hand eye co-ordination with archery and golf. The children have had a brilliant chance to experience a variety of sports and activities, to encourage ways to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Thank you Mr O!

Active House Rewards!

We reward our pupils for being awesome. In particular we look for pupils demonstrating; trust, respect, perseverance, responsibility, creativity and forgiveness. House points are given as rewards, which are totalled up at the end of every half-term. The House with the most points wins an active treat reward at the end of each term!

We give our pupils opportunities to try something new whilst getting fitter, healthier and having lots of fun!

Tyndale House enjoyed lots of fun, challenging activities with the mini-marines. We all had great fun whilst showing resilience and perserverance.

Check out what the pupils thought about their mini-marine experience;

'Even thought the field was covered with ice, it was great fun'

'We had a fun challenge. We went up a steep slide too'

'We had a chance to try lots of different things'

'I carried on. It was a bit scary, but someone helped me. I overcame my fear'

'It was so great. It was the best thing ever. And we got hot chocolate after'

Fitzhardinge House had an awesome time learning climbing skills with a HUGE climbing wall. For some of us, overcoming our fears to climb up so high was a fantastic achievement, whilst others enjoyed the challenge of climbing trickier pathways and at speed.

Check out what the pupils thought about their climbing wall experience;

'I enjoyed the challenges. I liked pressing the button at the top of the wall'

'I had lots of goes and the Head Teacher saw me'

'Even when other people were having a go there were other things to do'

'I felt really happy that I got to the top'

At Berkeley Primary, we believe in working hard to have healthy happy bodies and minds. We participate in daily physical activity including the daily mile, GoNoodle, yoga, aerobics, dance and much more!
Want to get fitter? Try these easy-to-do exercises that work on flexibility, strength, and cardio, for a healthier and happier you!