Alex Hart
Staff Governor

Category of Governor:

Elected by Staff

Date 4-year Term Started:


Date 4-year Term Ends:


Office(s) Held and Nominated/Link Roles:

Staff Wellbeing

Relevant Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests:

Employed as a teacher at the School

Other Relevant Information:



Class Teacher and Maths lead here at Berkeley. Father of two small children. I’ve been here in role since February 2018. Previously worked at Elm Park Primary School in Winterbourne. Proud Welshman. 

Favourite TV Programme: Match of the Day, Test Match Cricket

Favourite Film: Road to Perdition

Historical Figure Most wants to Meet: Muhammed Ali

Secret Talent: Not very talented.

Something few know about you: I’ve been on stage with Michael Barrymore when I was 3.