Reception – Spring

Spring 2017 – A Land of Make Believe

Enchanted Forest wall mural room setting

Our new topic for terms 3 and 4 was inspired by asking the children what they would like to learn about. Their answers were so varied and interesting: animals/dogs, fish/ rainbow fish, stars/space, toys/ dolls/ barbies, trains/ aeroplanes/ tractors, hygiene, mummies and daddies, dinosaurs & Skylanders! We had to find a way to put all these ideas together. We are looking forward to finding out where this topic will lead us…

Housekeeping for Spring Term

Mondays- phonics books need to be in book bags for updating

Tuesdays- updated phonic books sent home. Outdoor PE session.

Wednesday- books need to be in school for changing

Thursday- forest school session (1/2 a class at a time) wellies and waterproofs needed in school.

Friday- Indoor PE Session

Children need their reading records in school every day please.

Teaching Arrangements:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Mrs Baker, Mr Barnes and Mrs Tainton (With Miss Butcher with us on Friday mornings too.)

Tuesday: Mr Gresty, Mr Barnes and Mrs Tainton

Home Learning:

Please find Reception’s home learning grid here: home-learning-grid-spring

It would be lovely if the children could complete a minimum of 4 pieces of home learning, two before half term and two before Easter. We will proudly display all learning.

Word lists and updated phonics books will be sent home every Tuesday and need to be practiced at home by the following Monday please ready for their new lists and phonemes. We will practice them in school too however they will not be ‘tested.’


If you have any resources you could spare to help us create a fun and exciting learning environment for this topic we would be really grateful, especially outdoors. At the moment we would particularly appreciate any donations of pestles, mortars, clear plastic bottles, herbs, old children’s magazines, old wrapping paper and cards, fairy lights, metal pots/pans/tins/trays/ bowls, cable reels, tyres, gauze, bottle caps, ribbon, cds, plastic bottles, mirrors, beads, old welllies, funnels, bicycle wheels, bamboo canes, golf tees & oasis.

Story Time

We’d also like to invite you to come into the classroom at the end of the day to tell the children a story- your favorite journey into the land of make believe– please let us know if you can spare some time to come in and see us!

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January 24th – Walk to the church. (Parent helpers needed please.)

February 10th – Finish for Half Term

February 20th – Return to school

March 2nd- World Book Day

March 10th – Reception WOW Event 2.00pm

March 15th Reception & KS1 Parents Evening 1.30 – 7.00pm

March 17th – Science Day – Whole School

March 22nd – Reception Puzzlewood Trip

April 7th – Finish for Easter