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Our National Healthy School Status

We have been working towards the N.H.S.S. and met the criteria in 2007. We are proud to have been presented this award. So what does this tell you about our school?

This means that the whole school community has access to facilities and participates in activities which encourage both physical and emotional wellbeing.

For example, all children and staff have access to fresh, healthy and balanced meals which are prepared and cooked in the school kitchen. The Foundation and Key Stage One children are provided with a piece of fruit for their morning break every day. All children have access to drinking water throughout the school day. Children are encouraged to stay hydrated which aids good nutritional health and concentration.

Physical exercise is the ’order of the day’, everyday at Berkeley School! Children are provided with a safe and inviting playground and field during their breaks. During break-times children are provided with a range of play equipment such as skipping ropes, Lolo balls and stills which allow them to challenge their strength, stamina and balance! Staff aim to stay physically active too! During lunch breaks some staff enjoy a brisk walk around the town.

Emotionally healthy children are happy, have a positive attitude and are able to draw on a resource of knowledge and strategies which will help them when faced with all kinds of social and personal challenges. In this respect the school provides the children an opportunity to explore ways of dealing with such encounters within PSCHE and related topics.
Children are encouraged to talk to a member of staff if they have a concern. A child in Class 1 for example, can let his/her teacher know discretely that s/he has a concern by putting his/her name in the ‘Worry Welly’.