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There is never a dull moment at Explorers! We  provide an engaging and stimulating play environment which means your children will be lost in hours of fun regardless of age and interest.

We have a wealth of resources, including a wonderful wood on the school site, at our disposal. Our mission is to fill the base and all the places the children play with fun, smiles and laughter!



It’s going to be a noisy term! Our theme to start the school year will focus on bells.

If you think about the many types of bells children might hear, such as the fire bell at school, the peel of bells ringing from a church and the blast of a fire engine’s siren (well, not quite a bell!) we are surrounded with so much noise.

One of our challenges is to create a 3-D Wishing Well which will be displayed in our lovely room. We will also be creating silhouettes of bells, making our own mini bells from jars, discovering songs and stories within which bells are mentioned. The children will have an opportunity to keep their eyes and ears open while they’re out and about away from Explorers and record as many types of bells as they can. This is just a small fraction of what we plan to get up to. Keep checking our webpage for updates.


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While soaking up the summer sun, the ever busy explorers were absorbed in an entertaining array of activities based around the theme of Wacky Wheels.

Making the most of the outdoors we created a ‘Human Wheel’ on the school field, painted a masterpiece depicting a waterwheel, undertook the challenge of wheelbarrow races, spun like a wheel in a parachute and much more. We all enjoyed the team games such as a Treasure Hunt finding small vehicles which had been hidden in the wood, a Scavenger Hunt and the School Bus game. For those who were feeling energetic there was an opportunity to scoot, skateboard, ‘Trike’ and even ride a tractor! All this activity made us feel hot and sticky so to cool down we spent quite a bit of time playing in the water. Some of us took advantage of having water-fights; it was a good job we had some dry clothes to change into! Great fun!

We had plenty of time to relax making truck and wheel biscuits, creating colour wheels, story wheels, decorating an enormous 3-D wheel which was specially made for us, creating a system of interlocking cogs as well as investigating one of the most fascinating Ferris wheel, the London Eye.

We are always keen to find out what our parents have to say about our club. Here’s some of the comments:

“Ruby has lots of fun and comes home smiling.”

“Friendly, flexible and the children love it.
We travel from a neighbouring village and only use the Holiday Club – it’s a great facility.”
Michael’s mum

“I have been pleased that the children come home happy after a fun day without being engrossed in the T.V.
Well done and thank you!”
Lucy E

This is just a small fraction of what we got up to over the first three weeks of the summer holidays. Check out our pictures below.

 Wheelbarrow race p  Skateboard p
 Colour Wheels p  Waterplay p
Jake Colouring l  Cog Construction l
 Bus game l  Facepainting l
 Rupert road map  Hoop Game l


DID YOU KNOW? The Holiday Club is open to all children from age 2 years 9 months and primary school age whether they attend Berkeley Primary School or not!

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