Explorers Club

There is never a dull moment at Explorers! We  provide an engaging and stimulating play environment which means your children will be lost in hours of fun regardless of age and interest.

We have a wealth of resources, including a wonderful wood on the school site, at our disposal. Our mission is to fill the base and all the places the children play with fun, smiles and laughter!



During this term the children have been having great fun engaging with a wealth of activities based around the theme ‘Under Ground Over Ground’.

We have “wombled” our way through sessions based around the little creatures of Wimbledon Common – the Wombles. It was wonderful to see how creative the children were junk modelling; aircraft carriers, homes for bugs, musical shakers and even a model of womble Orinoco. Teams pit their wits against each other to estimate how quickly everyday items decompose. Did you know that it takes 10-1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose?

Who would believe that pipes could be boredom busters? The little explorers have made their own pet bunnies from pipe cleaners. Anything pipe-shaped was used to capture the children’s imagination and artistic flare. So loo rolls have been used to create bejewelled bracelets and cuffs, craft straws masterly constructed to bring to life the ideas only children can have. Children have experimented with lengths of guttering using them as runs for cars and water.

What else goes over and underground? Trees!

One of the popular sessions involved the children blind-tasting fruit from trees. Cherries, apples, peaches and pears were sucked, crunched and munched before the children skilfully identified what they were. Well done to pre-schooler, Mathilda for identifying and describing every single piece of fruit which went into her mouth. Yum! Although Apple Bobbing might be associated as an autumn activity we could not resist the opportunity for the children to get a little wet for the sake of a healthy piece of fruit!

If you would like your child to join in the fun please complete a registration and booking form and hand these into the school office.

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Staff at the summer Holiday Club was certainly kept on their toes with a record number of little explorers attending our sessions.  Regardless of sunshine or showers, the children demonstrated their passion for play

Enthused by animations created by Disney, the children experienced a variety of play opportunities based around loved old and new classics such as Jungle Book and The Good Dinosaur. For instance, the children swung into action producing crafts of bejewelled spiral snakes and tiger masks. Later, after making their own grass skirts, the children were led in dance by Mr Barnes and Mrs Timbrell in the Jungle Book classics, “I Want To Be Like You” and “Bear Necessities”. If only this was caught on camera?

Every day was different, with diverse activities and challenges for the children. For example, there were opportunities for the children to splash and swim in the school swimming pool during some of hotter days or undertake less strenuous activities such as blackberry picking or quietly ‘chilling’ and chatting with friends while fashioning bracelets from Loom Bands. This just give you a little ‘taster’ of the many things the children got up to.

What is important to us is that the children had a great time. Achieved? Well, given the smiles, giggles and laughter, we think so.


DID YOU KNOW? The Holiday Club is open to all children from age 2 years 9 months and primary school age whether they attend Berkeley Primary School or not!

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