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Autumn Term Topic 2013


It’s all about Disney!


Just a reminder of our WOW event this Wednesday 27th November! 9.10-10.15

If you could go straight to the hall after you’ve dropped your children off, you can wait in the warm until they are ready to perform a dance for you!  Following their performance, you have the opportunity to come into class to share in their learning.  They are excited to show you all the things we have been doing this term.

COSTUMES: I am hearing GREAT things about the children’s costumes, and the grown ups too!  They are welcome to remain in costume all day (no need for uniform). However, please be mindful of the cold weather and provide warm undergarments for them and possibly a warm jumper for the ‘lighter costumes’.  Please also provide suitable footwear for them to change into for breaktimes if their costume attire isn’t suitable…e.g. glass slippers!  Thank you. :)


This year, I will be giving you a weekly update on the learning in Class 2 through our blog, with some top tips to support your child’s learning further at home.  This should give you a real insight into their learning at school, and avoid those “I can’t remember” comments at the dinner table!

Find out what Class 2 were learning this week (mon 30th sep-fri 4th October) here  Take a look at this Number bond rap the children will be learning this week.  Have a go with them at home.  Please ignore the woman singing, Class 2 rock it much better!

Find out what Class 2 were learning this week (mon 23rd-fri 27th September) here     pdf version

Find out what Class 2 were learning this week (Mon 16th-Fri 20th September) here   pdf version


The New Curriculum is statutory from September 2014, but guess what?  Berkeley Primary are getting a head start to bring the best learning opportunities for your children.  The Curriculum very much focuses on providing the children with learning opportunities (from the curriculum coverage) and allowing them to steer their own learning.  With this in mind, I am not planning the topic ideas for them, I am helping them learn the essentials which will be very much driven by them, and their achievements.


Here are some ideas the children in Class 2 want to learn through our Disney Topic.  The list is endless, so I have provided a snippet for you as an idea of their thinking.  It’s my job to ensure we can achieve these ideas through delivery of the Curriculum.


There will be set days for the children to bring in and share their home learning.  All of which will be on display for you to see during our WoW day on Wednesday 27th November 2013. This will include FANCY DRESS which is compulsory on the home learning grid…grown ups too, which will include staff!

Dates for children to bring and share are:

Friday 4th October

Friday 25th October

Friday 15th November

Please do not feel obliged to complete ALL items on the grid, an idea would be at least 4 (or more if they are keen)  throughout the term. FANCY DRESS COSTUME is compulsory!  You have until November 27th for this item!  Have fun! :)

Find this term’s home learning grid on microsoft word here

For a Pdf version of the home learning grid, find it here


Year 1 and 2 Cheltenham Literature Festival Trip


‘Just Imagine’  Wow, we have arranged a fantastic trip for Years 1 and 2 to visit The Cheltenham Literature festival!  They will be meeting Nick Sharratt, the author of Just Imagine and many more!  The children will be experiencing the text from the inside out, gaining an insight into the possibilities of writing and reading.  This is the first time we have had this opportunity and are all very excited!

When: Friday 11th October 2013

9am coach departs

Cost £5: Please pay on parentpay.

Helpers for trip: if you are able to come along, please let us know.

All children will need a packed lunch and a water bottle.  Uniforms will be required with comfortable footwear.


WE LOVE READING…Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.  We are on Chapter 14 already.  There’s more to this Granny than smelly pops and cabbage soup!  We are loving this story, it provides lots of giggles and is highly entertaining!  What a smashing writer he is!


Spring Term

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Spring Term!

You may have heard about our topic by now?


We are taking inspiration from the legend that is… Roald Dahl!  I shall post some of the children’s learning wishes shortly.

Below you can find this term’s Home Learning Grid.  Remember, only 3-4 need be completed.  You don’t have to do them all, but if they want to, feel free!

Home Learning Roald Dahl 2014 pdf

Summer Term



Ok, you may all be overloaded with chocolate after Easter, but this term is all about…CHOCOLATE!  Well, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory actually.  I have been busy planning some exciting chocolate inspired learning for Class 2 this week, and I agreed with the children we could do this topic as we can’t very well do a Roald Dahl topic and not include this beauty!

There won’t be a Home Learning Grid this half term, as the term is jam packed and the children will have their National Assessments in Week 3  Mon 12th-Fri 15th May (Please avoid any appointments during this week, Thank you :) )  It’s only 5 weeks until half term!

The only thing I would LOVE you to do is to read the book, watch the movie, sing the songs….be the book! :) I won’t reveal the activities I have lined up, but will be posting lots on here throughout the term! :)



An exciting trip has been booked at the childrens’ request to Cadbury World!  As you know, we are learning all about Chocolate through the story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and where better to go than a real life chocolate factory?! Class 2 will be learning about the History and Origins of chocolate, and will be taken on a journey through time to discover how fantastic chocolate is now in our lives!  They will experience the production, packaging, making and advertising of chocolate!  Cadbury world provide educational packs to incorporate the learning into our topic too!  The children will also get some free chocolate!

I will be sending a paper copy with details of the trip home early next week for y0u to sign and return ASAP.  Depending on staffing, we may need some parent helpers too, so do please let me know if you’re available to come along and help.

Date: Friday 16th May 2014 (A wonderful end to assessment week for the children)

Cost: £17 per child. This includes entrance fees and transport costs.  This will be on Parentpay from Monday 28th April.

Although the cost seems high, there were no trips last term, and the children are SO keen to go!  I have taken 2 classes on this trip before and it has been fantastic!

Find a copy of the trip letter here  This letter was sent home on Monday 28th April.

We also have another exciting learning opportunity!  Austyn’s Grandfather is coming in to talk to Class 2 on Wednesday 7th May about Chocolate, of which he has extensive experience throughout his career.  How lucky are we?!


Wednesday 7th May: Chocolate talk from guest speaker for Class 2

Tuesday 6th-Thursday 15th May: SATS assessment weeks.  Please avoid any dental, dr etc appointments during this time. Thank you. :)

Friday 16th May: Trip to Cadbury World.

Monday 9th-Fri 20th June: Whole school History project on communication over the years.  The children will experience learning about the different stages and developments in communication and technology and will visit a different class each day in our time travel project! Exciting! :)

Sunday 22nd June: Jazz on the Lawn (Details were sent home about this on Friday 25th April with children)

Monday 23rd June: Performance from a Theatre company coming to school.

Saturday 28th June: Summer Fayre.

Monday 30th June: Annual school reports will be sent home.

Thursday 3rd July: Sports Day

Friday 4th July: Reserve Sports Day if bad weather on Thursday.

Thursday 17th July: Class 2 GRADUATION 9:15am

000More details of this to follow!  For the first time ever, we will be holding a KS1 Graduation Ceremony to celebrate the success and progress the children have achieved during their infant years.  The time for this has been scheduled for 9:15am.  If anyone would like to be involved in this in any way, and would like to help, please come and see me!  I want to make this really special for the children.  We’ve grown very attached over the last two years, and I want to give them a big send off on their journey into the Juniors! :)

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