– Year Three – Summer

Summer 2016

Welcome to the Summer Term!

This term’s focus is all about the ‘ASPIRATION STATION’dream big

We want our children to look toward their futures and find out what careers are like in the real world. To give them a taste of this, all their learning will be based around understanding the skills to achieve their dreams, and the hard work they have to be prepared to do to fulfil them.

Find out more by checking out the Home Learning grid Here

We will be setting aside time in July for children to become ‘teachers’ in order to fulfil part of this learning, and also, we have a possible exciting trip planned. The cost for this will be approx £25 but all details are TBC as we await availability from the company. We will of course give plenty of notice for financial planning.

Here’s to a happy, successful and insightful term! :)