Year Six Spring Term



Years 5 and 6 will be learning about Environmental Issues in this Spring Term Topic on Sustainability.

We will start by looking at some of the environmental issues facing us in the UK and across the world. After half-term, we will study the changes in Britain during the Bronze Age and consider what impact Bronze-Age people had on the planet and if there are any lessons we can learn from them.

In addition to daily reading, weekly maths and literacy homework, please complete at least one activity from the Year 6 Spring Homework Grid. All the activities link to the topic of sustainability. We will share our homework on the 8th February, which is in the last week before half-term, and you should have at least five pieces of homework from the grid to present.

Our Year 6 Class Book will continue to be ‘Claws of the Crocodile’ By Bear Grylls.
We will then read ‘Boy with the Bronze Axe’ by Kathleen Fidler.

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