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GetAttachment[1]Hello and welcome back to a brand new school year! I hope you have all had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for a fun and exciting first term in Reception!

This term our class topic is ‘One in a Minion’. The learnig will be based on the children’s interests which Mrs Tronier and I collected during our transition sessions with the children and whilst on home visits. This enabled us to get to know the children and their personal interests as well as taylor the learning to excite them. Below is the link to our Autumn Term curriculum map. It highlights the learning that will be covered this term.

Autumn curriculum map

Home Learning in Reception

Home learning will be shared every other Friday and displayed in the classroom for the whole term. There are 6 to choose from and can be completed throughout the whole of this term (now until christmas) in any order. Click on the link below to access the Home Learning Grid for this term.

Autumn home learning grid – word doc
Autumn home learning grid – pdf

Home learning will be shared on;

Friday 26th September

Friday 11th October

Thursday 24th October

Friday 14th November

Friday 28th November

Friday 12th December


The children will be having swimming lessons every Tuesday as of next week. Please ensure your child has their swimming kit clearly labelled and in school at all times.


If your child has any medical issues, if you have not done so already, please inform the office and please bring in any medication/inhaler etc for us to store in our class medical box.

Dates for your diaries…

Tuesday 7th October- Phonics Afternoon (times TBC)

Wednesday 26th November- WOW Assembly 9.15-10.15am.

Thursday 6th November- Minion day! (Dress up)


Reading and writing

Last week we started our letters and sounds program and the children are already making excellent progress in their writing already! This week, we have started to learn the skill of reading and I think the children are more than ready to start taking books home by the end of this week. I am aware that we have only learned a few letters, however I think it will excite the children and increase their love for learning if they’re taking home their own books.

Below is some information about reading with your child and using their Sound books…

Sound books

The children have a new book which lives in their book bag! This book contains all the letters the children learn and arrows on the letters to show the correct writing formation. Lots of sounds that have not been taught are already in their so please only look at the ones that have been taught. I will keep you updated on here as to what phonemes have been covered in that week. It would be brilliant if you could practise these at home with your child; saying them, recognising them in books and writing them. Later on, ‘tricky words’ and ‘high frequency words’ will be added in the back, which again, it would be fantastic if you could help your child practise recognising these.

If any of the above is unclear, it would be fantastic if you could attend our Phonics afternoon where I will teach a session of phonics and explain all the terminology and you can see your child learning phonics. I will inform you of the date for this as soon as possible.


In the very near future, the children will start taking reading books home. Please share these with your child(ren); talk about what’s happening in the story, what they think might happen, how characters are feeling, recognising phonemes and beginning to blend to read simple words.

They will change their books every Wednesday. Their books should live in their book bags.

Children will also be able to choose a ‘Bed Time Story’ everyday which you can share together as and when. It is not essential they change these every day.

Each child will have their own reading record book where you can record and comment on your child’s reading at home. I wil collect reading records in every Wednesday and Write a comment too.

Children will start bringing home ‘word strips’ soon. These are words in which they can practise their blending skills for reading and once they can blend all the words, they will move on to the next strip. Please record dates you practise the word stripsat home in the back of your child’s reading recordbook on the page provided.

Phonics Afternoon- letter out today (01.10.14)

Click on the link below for the phonics afternoon letter.

phonic list 2014

We’re looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday afternoon. :)
Welcome back to Spring term 2015! Thank you for all my lovely Christmas cards and presents :) I hope you had a magical Christmas and a very happy new year!


We have an exciting term ahead of us with our brand new topic; The Imagination Station!


Below is the link to the spring curriculum map to show you what learning will be covered during the spring term.

Spring curriculum map

Please see the link below for the imagination station Home Learning grid. There are no specific dates for sharing home learning; just bring it in for sharing as and when. Please can I ask you don’t complete the cooking home learning choice until further notice, thank you.

spring HLG 2015


For the first two weeks we will be imagining we are superheroes!!! We have a brand new superheroes safety station role play area where the children can use their imagination and dress up as superheroes, write superhero safety messages and complete forms for baddies they’ve caught!

Following this we will begin to look at Fairytales in week 3 and 4.

Save the Date!

Dress up day! Monday 26th January- superheroes and fairytale character dress up day with Little Jesters!



Welcome back to the Summer term! I hope you have had a lovely Easter holiday and enjoyed the sunshine.

I cannot believe we are now in the final term and with your help from the curriculum evening, we have another exciting term of learning planned with our new topic ‘Busy Bodies’!


Below is the link to the summer term curriculum map which outlines the objectives that will be covered this term.

summer 2015

Here is the summer term home learning grid. We will continue to share home learning as and when it comes in as this worked well last term.

Summer 2015 HL

Dates for the diary…

Thursday 7th May- wheelie Day ! Children to bring in bikes/scooter into school (more info to come nearer the time).

Little reminder…

Please ensure children bring their PE kits into school on Monday as we will have a PE lesson. Also, welly boots to be in school for Tuesday as this is when Forest school will be. Thank you.


Our first class trip!


Trip letters for Reception have gone out today! We are going to @Bristol on Friday 12th June.

During our visit we will participate in a 4 hour Brain and Body workshop…

Discover the amazing capabilities of the human brain and body with an exciting day of challenges! Pupil’s meet Mr Stuffee, a life sized doll, in a hands-on workshop to think about what’s inside our bodies, take a closer look at the outside of their bodies using digital microscopes, and explore skulls of different animals. In an interactive science show they think about how the brain and senses work together to make sense of the world. Plus, a special exhibition trail includes the incredible real human brain exhibit’.

The workshop sounds brilliant and it will enhance the children’s learning through fun and exciting learning opportunities as well as widen their knowledge and understanding in relation to our topic.

We look forward to receiving your reply slips! :)

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