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Children in Need

This term the School Council are raising money for Children in Need by asking children to go ‘SPOTACULAR’ for the day!

Please see the letter below for more information.

SPOTACULAR Fundraising Day

Switch Off Afternoon!

School Council arranged a Switch Off Afternoon last Wednesday. The afternoon was designed to persuade us to save energy by thinking about what life may be like without the electrical power we all take for granted. The challenge was for teachers and pupils to spend the afternoon’s lessons using as little electrical energy as possible. Here’s what some of us got up to!


Reception had to find all of the electrical things in the classroom that could be switched off. They made sure the lights, interactive whiteboard and Christmas lights were switched off. We played our musical instruments, which didn’t need any electrical power, and made sure all of the blinds were open so we could use the natural daylight. We noticed that the classroom was getting a little bit dark by 3pm!

Year 1 and Year 2 did a great job of making sure the KS1 building’s lights were all switched off. Year 1 used Switch Off Afternoon to create some props for their upcoming performance.

Year 3 thoughtfully linked the afternoon to their learning in RE, reflecting on experiences of light and darkness.

Year 5 used hand powered generators to power a small light bulb or motor. They found it really hard to generate even a small amount of power, and realised how much effort must be needed to create enough power for an entire school! They also learned about Michael Faraday, the electrical pioneer and inventor.

Year 6 realised how hard it would be to work without electricity! They were surprised to find out just how many people in the world do not have access to electrical power.

eyes in the dark


School Council Elections 2014

I’d like to say a BIG WELL DONE to all of the children who participated so sensibly and thoughtfully in our School Council elections last Thursday! Particular thanks go to Year 4, who were very responsible ‘Polling Station Officials’ for the afternoon and who did a fantastic job helping everyone who came to vote know what to do.

Congratulations to the new members of our School Council:

Y1: Teddy and Ruby

Y2: Mo and Flora

Y3: Georgia and Oliver

Y4: Macy G. and Aaron

Y5: Morgan and Harvey N.

Y6: Eve and Alfie

Reception will be choosing council members once they have settled in to their new routines.

We will be introduced to the new School Councillors in our next PSHCE assembly on 23rd September.


Thank you for the harvest!

Thank you to everyone who brought in donations for our Harvest Celebration. School Council will be delivering all the tins, packets, bags and bottles to the Food Bank in Stroud on Monday afternoon.

Blog updates!

Great news! You can now comment on our blogs! We look forward to hearing from you on here.  :)