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Our younger children

Our younger children have shown such great progress since September. So far I have seen wonderful maths from Dylan and Ted, an amazing Bonfire poem from Barney and really super story writing from Year 1.

On Friday the Reception class were skyped into the hall where their parents were able to watch a typical Reception morning. This went very well reassuring parents and giving them plenty to smile about. We will be repeating this in the summer term so parents can see the children’s progress.

It has also been suggested by Governors that it is possibly something we could do for other year groups; watch this space.

Thank you for such lovely comments and constructive responses to the Prefect’s questionnaire. They put this together themselves and will analyse them before writing a piece for the next newsletter saying how they are going to use the information.


A huge congratulations to the year 6 children who sat the entrance exams for Marling and Stroud High. All 7 passed!
Thomas, Libby, Emma, Ruby, Harvey, Hannah and Morgan All your hard work has paid off.
A special congratulations to Jude who left us earlier in the year, who has also been successful.

A week of sharing

Friday 2nd October was the highlight of my week. So many children came to see me with super work that made them feel proud about what they had achieved as a result of their efforts.
Year 6 girls completed a particularly tricky maths problem (it took two days apparently!)
Well done for persevering Ruby, Emma and Hannah.
Great animal research and fact sheets from Austyn , Annabel, Melanie, Emma, James,
Samuel, Erin, Ruby, Crystal, James, Ollie Young and Ethan all shared their amazing persuasive letters to try to save rainforests.
Rupert shared his tasty ice cream, very nice. A truffle from Imogen then got knocked out of the park by Ollie when he challenged me to a strategy game. I didn’t even get close! I feel very privileged and extremely proud that the children want to share their success with me.



This is a new blog to share and celebrate those achievements and special moments within the school day that I have the privilege to be a part of . Many children come to see me to share their outstanding work and the obvious pride in their personal achievements. It always amazes me how excited the children get to receive my Headteacher’s Award sticker and how it inspires others to also do their best.