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WALT: Round To Whole Numbers.

Focusing on the mathematical rules involved in rounding, the children have spent some time rounding to numbers from the nearest 10 right the way through to 1,000,000.


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Year 5 and 6 Home learning grid

You will have already been given a paper copy of the Home learning grid for Autumn , but, just in case you lose it you can download another here.

Urgent! Please could you bring in…

Evian Natural Mineral Water Bottle Plastic 330ml Ref 01310 [Pack 24]any small sized (around 300ml) plastic drinks bottles with lids and any juice or milk tetrapaks.

If you could bring them to Year 5 on Wednesday and Thursday this week, I would be very grateful.

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Sarah Fowkes

Community Spirit

BERKELEY PRIMARY loved waving off the amazing cyclists last week for #BSQ2BSQ!  It made it all so real for them after their week of sponsored cycling, where they collectively cycled 340 miles to help raise money and awareness for 3 charities close to the hearts of many in our community, Meningitis Now, CJD and Sue Ryder.

Many of the cyclists and the organisers of #BSQ2BSQ  are coming to school this Monday for a special assembly to share their success story and help our children to further understand the impact they have had on this phenomenal community event.

Thank you all for your support and participation in our part towards this event with Nightrider and On ‘ya Bike week. You have all helped to raise a huge amount for these charities and the children have loved being a part of this incredible community venture! What a wonderful town Berkeley is! These children are the future of Berkeley and they will never forget how much they’ve achieved over the last few weeks!

Well done to everyone involved! 😀

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Music Assembly

We have some excellent musicians at Berkeley Primary School. There have been two music assemblies and the children performed brilliantly.




















Day 4

Today we have been on the giant swing, zip wire, abseiling and street surfing. The children have had so much fun and are now partying at the disco!!! I have only uploaded these because there are soooo many photos from today and I don’t have time to upload them but will put them on as soon as we are back. The children are all tired but happy and are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :-)




Day 3


Today we have been kayaking, on a beach coastal walk and played archery. The children really enjoyed their choice of macaroni cheese or roast dinner for tea. They are just playing capture the flag and coming back for a room inspection! I’m sorry about the photos as some are the wrong way and there were lots more I wanted to upload but the WI-FI is ridiculously slow and keeps breaking!!




Day 2

Today started with an early morning wake up call for breakfast. We then climbed Jacobs ladder which was far more terrifying than it looked!! All of the children gave it their all. We then had a go at a Tunnel Trail which involved crawling around underground tunnels playing games like cat and mouse.

After a delicious lunch of pasta and garlic bread, we set off for raft building. This was by far the most popular activity so far. Sonny had jumped  with 3 seconds of sitting on the raft and Harry can officially  tie every knot known to man! The children worked so well in their teams and thoroughly enjoyed pushing me in.

For dinner, we enjoyed chicken nuggets or enchiladas and lemon drizzle cake. The children are now playing ambush ( a game of group hide and seek around the camp).

They have all been amazing and given everything their all. They have done you all proud and I know that they will continue to do so. Hope you are enjoying a peaceful weekend!! We are off to get ready for bed before kayaking in the Olympic sports venue in the morning.

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Day 1

We have had a great day on the beach, playing volleyball having a tour of site and singing around a campfire. The children have been an absolute pleasure as always. The WIFI is very slow so I have only been able to upload a few photos.


IMG_1653 IMG_1654   IMG_1729IMG_1699IMG_1664