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District Sports

Well done to all of those children who took part!


We had some amazing achievements – children who were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their events.

IMG_3404 IMG_3410


So proud!

The amazing stomp group from Year 5 excelled today at the Cheltenham Dance Festival.

They were totally in time and did their very best! Well done!

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Our Champions!


The Year 6 football team (Will, Callum, Josh, Jake, Kuba, Henry, Sonny and Ru) went off to Rednock to play in a tournament with 5 schools from the district and came… FIRST!

They have qualified for the finals which will take place in the next couple of weeks at Rednock school.

A huge thank you to Mr Hull, Mrs Tainton and Mrs Tronier for helping out with transport and team management at the event. The boys did Berkeley proud and we want to wish them a massive GOOD LUCK for the final. They will be reporting on the match in assembly tomorrow :-)

img_1568 img_1569

Cross Country

A huge well done to the 14 runners who took part at KLB this Saturday morning!

Despite the drop in temperature and the increase in wind chill factor, our cross country runners excelled this week. There has been a definite improvement in their running with some very brave sprint finishes.

img_1279 img_1285 img_1288 img_1290

Thank you to all of the parents who supported, to Mrs Page for organising the numbering  and also to Mr Fowkes who led a warm up session at the start and then helped with the marshaling at the end of the races.

Cross Country at KLB

Well done to all of the children who took part in the races at KLB this Saturday morning!

Miss Clements and I were so impressed with the children who showed amazing determination and good sportsmanship during the races.

Everyone ran well in their races and then cheered on the others when they ran. They definitely earned their doughnuts this week!

Thank you to Mrs Page for sorting out the number system and shirts!

(Mrs Fowkes)

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Well done to Tyndale for scoring the most points!image image


Dates for District Sports this year are:

Monday 27th June – Field Events, 4pm at Rednock (for selected Year 5/6 pupils)

Wednesday 29th June – Track Events, 6pm at Dursley Primary (for selected Year 3,4,5,6 pupils)

KS2 Sports Days!


KS2 Sports Day is going to be a little different this year as we aim to get pupils taking part and enjoying as many sporting activities as possible. After listening to some great feedback from the parent sporting questionnaires from last year, we have decided to host a field event and a track event on two separate afternoons. This will ensure pupils have the opportunity to take part in as many as 12 or more sporting events and feel valued as they will be watched and supported in all events, not just the track ones.

We would love to have as many of you supporting both of these events as possible but understand you may not be able to attend both due to other commitments, therefore perhaps you could speak to your child/ren to see which events they would prefer to have you watch.

To give you an idea of what to expect at the events read the following…

The track events will consist of Year 3/4 Sprints, long distance, skipping, hurdles and relays. The same events will be for Year 5/6 although they will run further distances. The races will be timed and scored and certificates will be awarded. There will also be a House Relay.

The field events will consist of 10 events which all pupils will compete in. Some of the events will include; long jump, long distance throw, triple jump and javelin.

We have also changed the KS2 Swim Gala to a separate Year 3/4 event and a Year 5/6 event. This will ensure more pupil participation and enjoyment.

We look forward to seeing you at these great events!




The following swim timetable will begin after half-term.

MONDAY pm – Reception

TUESDAY pm – Year 5/6

WEDNESDAY pm – Year 2

THURSDAY pm – Year 1

FRIDAY pm – Year 3/4

Little Jesters will be using the learner pool during the morning sessions. The staff will inform parents/carers when these sessions will take place.


Stroud and District School Games 2016-Level 2 Primary ARCHERY

A huge well done to the Berkeley pupils who participated in the Archery Tournament at KLB against many schools in our District. Superb simagecores! We came second in our group and fifth overall out of 15 schools!