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Year 5’s amazing biographies!

Year 5 have been learning about biographies. We started off doing a biography about Paul Cookson as a class and then did individual ones. Afterwards we designed our own plans of a made up character to do a biography on. Here are what they turned out like….by Sophie. Bethany – Biography sophie t finntan biography sophie d

Walt: recount our trip to London in a creative way.

Today we found creative ways to recount our trip to London. Some of us made a comic strip, some wrote a story or a diary and Evie made a super newspaper report!

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Shadow predictions and conclusions by Willow,Adam and Ike!

Year 5 have been investigating at what time of day are the shortest and longest.We predicted that at 11am it was going to be the longest and at 12pm it was going to be the shortest.We drew around our shadow at diffrent times of the day from this we found out that at 1.15pm it was the shortest and at 11am it was the longest.

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Some out-of-this-world powerpoint presentations about the Solar System

As part of our learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon, some of us in Year 5 researched about different things in the Solar System and made powerpoints to practise our ICT skills.

The Sun by Ellis and Wilf

The Sun by Luke and Louie

Shadows by Georgia

by Louie


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We practised our rounders skills today then played lots more rounders games. There was some great hits and catches today and we have really improved our fielding skills.

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Here comes the sun!

The sun finally arrived today so we were able to do our shadow investigation. We drew around our shadows at 11:00, 12:00, 13:15, 14:00 and 15:00 to watch how the sun’s position in the sky changes as the Earth spins on its axis. After 11:00 we predicted where we thought the shadows would be next.

We found that the shaodws are shortest between 12:00 and 14:00, when the sun is higher in the sky.

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Prefixes by HarryB and Lucy

prefix game

In class we have been learning about prefixes and playing games to help us understand the meaning of them.

For example:                Anti means against             De means away/down           sub means under

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The prefix games!

prefix game

In class we have been playing some games about using prefixes and understand the meaning of some prefixes, we have also done some activity sheets on it aswell.  by Louie and Bethany


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Predicting where the sun, and how long our shadows will be…

While we were waiting for the sun, we wrote our predictions of where we think the sun will be in the sky and how long our shadows will be at different times. We know that it isn’t really the sun that is moving it’s the Earth that is spinning round. Jacob gave us the great analogy of being in a car and the bushes look like they are moving when in fact it is the car that is moving!



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Are you a stinker?

For PSHCE we played a card game about good and bad hygine and the importance of things like  regularly  washing your hands after you have been to the toilet. It was funny .by Luke and Louie

are you a stinker 009 are you a stinker 001 are you a stinker 012are you a stinker 004

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