Archive – 2012/2013 – Year 4

Autumn 2012

This year, we are starting with a Science based topic called, ‘Out of this World’. This is a creative study of The Earth and Beyond. We will link all of the subjects of the creative curriculum and the skills we need to learn in year 4 to our topic. Occasionaly, we may need to have some stand-alone sessions to make sure that we cover all of the correct skills.

In year 4, we are very lucky in that we have the opportunity to take part in a residential trip. This will help us to extend our learning both indoors and outdoors and put into practise all of the knowledge and skills we have learnt at school. This trip happens early in the Autumn Term and more details will follow shortly.

Below, you will find our Topic Overview for the Autumn term. This will show you all of the curriculum areas we will cover up until Christmas. It is very important that the chidren direct their own learning and so this plan may change slightly as we try to answer some of their super questions!

Out of this World’ Topic Web

Year 4 Homework

Introduction Letter – Welcome to Year 4

Cranham Residential Trip Letter

Global Childrens Challenge Letter


Spring 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to what is set to be a short but incredibly busy term.

This term Year 4 will be learning about all things art. We will be looking at Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Andy Goldsworthy and Banksy plus any other inspirational people that crop up and catch our attention along the way!

Please find below a copy of our termly topic plan. This details the skills that we set out to cover this term. Please note however that this topic will very much be about ‘going with the children’ so things may change as we go along if we find something particularly interesting.

You will also find below a homework grid for this term. Children should choose one activity per week to work on. Time will be set aside each Friday afternoon for children to share their home learning with the rest of the class. This worked extremely well last term and I hope that this will continue.

Finally, if any parents or carers have any artisitc skills that they would be willing to share with the class then please do let me know. Similarly, if you know of someone who may be willing to come in and share their work / any tips with us, please let me know. I am exploring the possibility of taking the children to Nature in Art, Twigworth and so would welcome any members of the community coming in to visit us to keep costs down.

Spring Term welcome back letter

The Artists Topic Overview

The Artists Spring Term Home Learning

Mathletics– the next generation in learning! This award winning website helps children to enjoy their Maths learning and improve their attainment. Activities are regularly set by teaching staff to complement and extend the learning taking place in the classroom. Teachers are able to track the children’s activity and support/further extend the learning as appropriate. Children also love taking part in Live Mathletics which allows them to do battle (Maths style!) with other children around the world. Please let me know if any children have forgotten their login details and I can provide them with a new card. Of course, children without access to a computer or the Internet at home may use the school laptops to access Mathletics. Again, please let me know if this applies so that I can make arrangements.

Woodlands Junior School have some fantastic, free spelling games and activities that children can access at home. Separated into clearly defined categories, children can select the particular area that they need to work on.

The Times Spelling Bee – a great site for spelling and learning the meaning of new words. We often use this in class.

Spelling advice for parents and carers – this is an American website that is full of great tips, advice and game/acitivity ideas designed specifically for parents and carers who want to support their children in spelling but don’t feel confident to do so.

Ideas for spelling games and activities that can be done at home – does as it says on the tin!

Reading Eggs– Learning to read can be easy and fun! Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for children, with great online reading games and activities. And it really works! Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning. Login details can be found on a sticker on reading journals. Please let me know if they get lost/forgotten so that I can reprint them for you.




Summer 2013

Welcome back to terms 5 and 6 during which Year 4 will be finding out about all things Roman in an exciting topic called

The Empire Strikes Back

The topic overview will give you an idea of some of the areas of learning we will aim to cover this term. As always, this is likely to change as we investigate the children’s own questions. My aim is to spark their curiosity and encourage historical inquisitiveness, not to prescribe the learning!

This term’s home learning grid is now available with a variety of activities to complement the learning taking place in school, at home. Children should aim to complete an activity each week, as well as continuing to read and access the Mathletics site at home. We will continue to share home learning in school on a Friday. This term I will be giving each child a home learning card on which they will be rewarded each time they complete an activity. This will allow me to keep a track of who is doing what and will complement the feedback given to children when presenting their home learning. I would like to put together an exhibition of home learning towards the end of the term which will be an opportunity for parents, carers and the community to share and celebrate the children’s efforts. As always, any homework done on the computer that can’t be printed can be emailed to

Our PE days will continue to be Tuesday and Wednesday. However, our fingers are crossed for some warmer weather and so it is important that children have PE kit in school all week to allow us to use the school’s outdoor areas to support our learning.

I am exploring the possibility of an off-site visit this term to enhance our topic learning. I am aware that given the Y4 residential in October cost needs to be kept to a minimum. If we do go off-site, it is likely to be in June/July with an estimated cost of £15 per child to include travel. I will update you with details in plenty of time. I hope that this goes some way to help with financial planning.