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New Curriculum Overview

Welcome back!


The Year 4 Residential has been booked for Wednesday 24th June-Friday 26th June!

Put it in your diaries. More information to follow.

Having spoken to a few parents, who had concerns about their children going away so early in the term, I have decided to take the children in the Summer term, instead of our usual time of November. Plus, we will hopefully have some sunshine too! :)

Cheltenham Literature Festival


Years 3 & 4 are going to the Literature Festival on Tuesday 7th October to look at the Animal science books with Nicola Davies…


Some of you may remember her on ‘The Really Wild Show’ many years ago! (I was on that as a child…twice!)

We will be leaving school at 11.00am. We may be coming back slightly later than school time, so I will keep you posted.

More information to follow.

Autumn Topic and Bits & Bobs


The topic has been ‘launched’ (see blog) and the children are eager to find out more! Literacy and Numeracy groups are now in place and are going well. I would like to remind you that these groups are fluid and children may change groups throughout the year, depending on individual needs, both socially and academically.

Not all systems are set in stone yet, for example reading, as I want to assess every child’s ability and interests first. Later in the term, they will have spellings to learn and also timestables at home, but for now, just enjoy them settling back in and hopefully feeling inspired by the first topic! Topics will only last for as long as they interest the children, so this one could last 2 weeks, it could last 10?! It’s all about going with the children, with what inspires, encourages and motivates them to learn!

Having excited and motivated the children to learn during our launch, they are now eager and curious to discover more.

Find out their questions and ideas for learning opportunites within this topic here

Home Learning Grid for Autumn 2014 can be found here

Resources for home learning:

Clown Face Template

Extravagant introduction template

I will also be uploading the overview from the New National Curriculum shortly to show you coverage throughout the year.

Some Key information for you:

My management morning and PPA day will be on a Thursday. During this day, Year 4 will be taught by the lovely Miss Jennings.

This year, the children will be in ability groups for both Mathematics and Literacy.

Tuesdays: A specialist Spanish teacher will be coming to teach the class Spanish in the afternoon for an hour.

Wednesdays: Year 4 will swim in the afternoon.

Fridays: Year 4 will have PE during the afternoon.

Please can you ensure your child has an old t-shirt/shirt for messy, creative learning at all times, preferably one that can be folded to fit in their drawer? Thank you.

More updates will be added over the coming weeks. :)


To start our school year, I asked the children to DREAM BIG! We talked about our dreams, aspirations and ambitions. We have created a class instagram display to remind ourselves to always aim high to achieve our dreams, with some very ‘interesting’ results! :) I thought I would share these on this page and if you fancy it, why not print out your child’s ‘dream’ and stick it on the fridge!

Aaron2 alfie Amy Ayisha Callum Esme Harry Henry Jack Jake Joe Lexie Macey Macy Phoebe Ru Saul Tyler Violet Will Willow


New Curriculum Overview


Happy New Year! This term we kick off our new topic, ‘Made in China’. We will be learning about the history of China, geographical features, Chinese culture, art, festivals and much more. Our main history focus will be learning all about the Shang Dynasty and also the history of the Chinese New Year. We will be planning a ‘wow day’ Chinese New Year celebration too (Date TBC). Below you will find a list of all the ideas Class 4 came up with at the end of last year for this topic.

CHINA Year 4 ideas

Also, as you know, this year in June, Year 4 have their residential trip to look forward too. I will be posting details of this in the next couple of weeks so watch this space!

Cranham Letter

Class 4 got together to create their own learning grid this term!  Choose as many as you would like!  Have fun learning!

Home Learning: China


Year 4’s open afternoon

Friday March 13th 2015


Come and see what we have

been learning!



New Curriculum Overview

Friday 3rd July at 2.30pm

                   Please come along to hear all about school camp and some bonus features on our learning.

Hot of the press!  Summer home learning, designed by the children, for the children…find it here!

Also, don’t forget the children are off on camp this term.  There are some great deals on sleeping bags in THE RANGE at the moment!  Keep some old clothes during your spring clean for them to take to get messy!

Not long to go now! I shall be holding a meeting on Wednesday 3rd June at 6pm at school to go through everything you need to know about our trip, including a kit list. I will also be letting you know more details and answering any questions you might have. This will be followed by the SRE meeting for KS2 Parents.


             (Please note, tent in the picture is not the actual tent the children will be staying in, that one’s for staff! :) )

kid 3

Number One Message this summer 2015

kid 7

kid 5

kid 2

Coming Soon: Summer 2015

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