Archive – 2012/2013 – Year 6

Autumn 2012

Its all greek to me topic plan

Open afternoon letter November 2012

Torbay residential letter November 2012


Spring 2013


We had a wonderful chocolate tasting afternoon (around 16 different types of chocolate). Thank you parents for providing the goodies. We learned about where chocolate comes from, how it is processed and the ingredients added to it. The Lindt Chilli chocolate went down a treat!


Dates: Thursday 14th March, ‘Armageddon’ science event at Renishaw, Wotton-U-Edge

Armageddon visit March 2013

Tag Rugby Tournament, Thursday 21st March, Stroud RFC

Tag Rugby Tournament March 21st 2013




Wet ‘n’ Wild Topic Plan

Torbay residential letter November 2012







Wet ‘n’ Wild Websites 2013 Lots of info on coffee, migrating birds, chocolate, bananas etc

Catch Jungle fever – good kids site detailing de-forestation reasons

Good information sheets

great for exploring online – peoples, plants, animals etc

Friends of the Earth – booklet downloads

Summer 2013


Welcome to Australia, year six’s topic for the term.

Here’s a summary of our topic and some of the areas we intend to learn about (some will be directed by the children).

Australia Topic Plan

Australia home learning grid

Brief Timetable for the term:

  • Leavers’ Assembly – Friday 19th July, 11am in the school hall, followed by a barbecue and pool session. Invitation and food requirement letter can be found here.