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Autumn 2012
We hope you all had a good summer holiday. We are really looking forward to the year ahead and hope your child enjoys their time in Year 2. Our topics in Year 2 are ‘Here Be Dragons,’ ‘Ocean Adventure’ and ‘Fantastic Famous People.’

Please take a moment to read about new homework and other arrangements. Thank you.



The children are all progressing with their reading and most have moved up a level. Look in reading records to see if their colour has changed. As the children are in Year 2 now they are encouraged to change their books independently at the very beginning of the day, whenever they need to, this should be before putting their belongings away and their morning task work. Please hear your child read as often as you can. Everyday is perfect but a minimum of three times per week is really important. We will collect reading records in every Monday morning and give house points for reading homework that has been done. Remember that Reading Eggs is a great way to encourage the children. If they have lost their username and password just let us know.

Phonics / Spelling

Please check book bags for a spelling journal. All children will have purple spelling/phonic books which will come with words for your child to practise. Please make sure their books are back in school each Monday for a new list.


For the time being there will not be any maths homework, this will begin after Christmas and we will send a letter out then with further information. However, in the meantime if you would like to help your child to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables this will help them greatly in school. Remember that Mathletics is a great way to encourage the children. If they have lost their username and password just let us know.


Please see the homework grid.


Other information…

Book Bags

It would be very much appreciated if all children have a book bag for their belongings that will fit in their tray. Rucksacks etc. are not allowed in school in Year 2 as we simply do not have the room. Sorry.

Fire Topic

As you are already aware, our first topic is called ‘Here Be Dragons.’ Each child has been given a curriculum map which shows what areas we will be covering. As part of this, your child may bring into school any pictures or toys related to fire and dragons that they may have. Please ensure that any items are clearly named and they will go on display. Hopefully, this will enable the children to feel at home in their new classroom.


To enhance your child’s learning we will be arranging a few trips; a local walk to sketch Berkeley Castle on Tuesday 30th October, a trip to a real fire station the week beginning 5th November and finally a visit to Cardiff Castle on 20th November. (Separate letters will be sent regarding these.)

Wet Play Toys

Thank you for all the donations of wet play toys. Our stocks are now fully replenished!


You are very welcome to come into the class room and celebrate your child’s learning and are particularly welcome on Friday 28th September to help the children bake bread and to share our learning journey so far on Monday 26th November at 1.45pm. Please note that parent’s evenings are on Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th November. These are to discuss how your child has settled into their new year group. However, if you have any specific concerns please do come to see us earlier!

We look forward to meeting you all in person and in the meantime please do come and see us if you have any queries.

We start the Autumn term off with a fiery topic called ‘Here be Dragons!’

Year 2 Curriculum Map Autumn 2012

Year 2 Homework Grid Autumn 2012

Cardiff castle letter

Fire_letter year 2 autumn

Year 2 adult helpers letter


Making Fire in the Woods!

Year 2 learnt how to make real fire with Mr. Day. Thank you very much, it was fantastic!

We made amazing fire of London paintings, with a silhouette skyline.

We made bread as the fire started in a bakery! It also helped us with our science topic, heating and changing materials.

Year 2 had a brilliant time at Berkeley Castle, sketching the outside to help us get ideas for our paintings. The chidren all tried really hard to observe carefully, which was definately made easier by the gorgeous weather!

An Amazing trip to Cardiff Castle!

Spring 2013
Year 2 are having great fun learning all about the World’s Oceans in our Spring Term topic ‘Ocean Adventure’.

Numeracy Home Learning 22.3.13

Year 2 Spring Term ‘Wow’ afternoon is on Friday 15th March at 2pm. Everyone welcome!

Literacy Home Learning 18.3.13

Spellings 18.3.13

Numeracy Home Learning 15.3.13

Literacy Home Learning 11.3.13 Punctuation

Compound Words Spelling 11.3.13

Numeracy Home Learning 8.3.13

Spellings 4.3.13

Numeracy Home Learning 1.3.13 – Copy

Numeracy Home Learning 22.2.13

Spellings 25.2.13

This week we will learn that often to change a verb’s tense you can simply add ed or ing. However, if the word has a short vowel sound in it we need to double the consonant too.

Spellings 18.2.13 verbs

Numeracy Home Learning 8.2.13

Numeracy Home Learning 2.2.13

Numeracy Home Learning 25.1.13

book corner letter

Numeracy Home Learning 18.1.13

Bristol Aquarium Letter

Year 2 Spring Curriculum Map

Home Learning Grid Spring 2013

Happy New Year! We hope that you had an amazing Christmas and wish you all the best of luck for 2013.

We are really looking forward to all our exciting learning this year. After a class discussion and vote, our Spring topic has been decided and we are pleased to announce it is… Ocean Adventure. Please click the link above to see our curriculum map and all the exciting areas we will be covering this term.

Our trip to Bristol Aquarium has been confirmed for Tuesday 12th March. This is an exciting learning opportunity which will be a lot of fun too.

We are really pleased with the progress the children have made so far and are looking ahead to how they can ‘wow’ us this term, let’s go for it!

Our first art project with Mrs Baker



We made sea creature string printing blocks. Then we created sea backgrounds using lots of salt and paint. Finally, we printed our sea creatures using bright contrasting colours. Soon we will have a lovely display in the classroom!







During our PSHE learning we thought about how we each learn best. To help us, we made fish using origami. We thought whether we like to read instructions to learn something new, be told how to do it or just see a finished example and just give it a go!

We were very good at helping each other.

Summer 2013

Our Gromit Project is well underway now, with the children making their final preparations to their Gromits, which look fab!

We will be continuing the Gromit project during the first two weeks of term in September, and as the trail is in Bristol this summer, I have prepared some scrapbooks for the children to keep over the holidays which will come home with them this week. Please find below our KS1 Summer Home Learning Grid which has plenty of ideas to keep them busy over the summer. This Grid is for Year 1 and Year 2 as we will be doing some joint learning in the new term. Please encourage your child to complete at least 3 of the ideas on the grid, as we will be using this as a foundation for further learning in September. Also, there will be a prize for the best Summer scrapbook! Thank you, and enjoy your summer! :) This is for the current Year 1’s who are entering Year 2 in September…Find the Learning Grid here: Gromit home learning




8th July 2013: Please note that there will be no more spellings or homework during the final two weeks of term. Well done to all those children who put in lots of effort into their home learning. It makes a huge impact on your work in school, you should be very proud. Thank you also to parents who have shown support with their children’s learning, it is appreciated.

ICT Topic Learning

The children have really proved themselves to be computer geniuses this week! We have searched for pictures, copied and pasted them, edited them, saved, printed, added borders… wow!




Spellings 1.7.13

Literacy Homework 1st July 2013

We need a bit more practise on using connectives to make longer sentences as last week we were a little bit rusty. Have a go at this homework to help you…

Literacy Home Work 1.7.13 extending sentences using connectives

Spellings 24.6.13

Literacy Homework 24th June 2013

There is no separate literacy homework this week as we would like as many children as possible to enter the Gromit competition and write a letter to Mrs Marklove. Please see our blog for more details. Thank you.


Wave Shadow Art

Year 2 created beautiful works of art that you can see on our fire exit windows at the moment. We have been learning about light and shadow so decided to make fantastic sea and sky scenes. We used paints, tissue paper and plastic. Look at the finished result:

Literacy Home Learning 17.6.13

Our new text type this week is Explanation Texts. The first thing we will learn on Monday is how to make a flow chart showing the life cycle of a frog. See if you can write your own life cycle flow chart of a new animal such as a butterfly! Try to remember arrows, captions and time words. Good luck!

Spellings 17.6.13

Numeracy Home Learning 14.6.13

Spellings 10.6.13

Sports Day Letter 2013

Literacy Home Learning 10.6.13

In class, we are learning about Nonsense Poetry. In keeping with this, it is really beneficial if children can hear as much poetry as possible. This week, please visit:

Here you will find lots of fabulous recordings by famous poets that you will really enjoy. In your literacy home learning book tell me about your favourite poem that you find, why you like it and any patterns you notice in the poem such as rhyme, rhythm and alliteration.

Spellings 3.6.13

Y2 Homework on Adjectives 3.6.13

Numeracy Home Learning 24/5/13

Practise the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables!

Try some fun games to help you learn them:

We will have a times table quiz after half- term to see who has practised the most!

Literacy Home Learning 20th May

This week is maths week and we will be doing lots of fun maths activities. As part of this your literacy home learning is to try and write a maths poem! Check out this webpage for some ideas:

Spellings 20.5.13

Literacy Home Learning 13th May Apostrophes

Spellings 13.5.13

Numeracy Home Learning 9.5.13

Literacy Home Learning 7.5.13

Spellings 7.5.13

Numeracy Home Learning 3/5/13

Have a go at the following problem!

Desi and Ella share this money equally

How much do they each get?


Now can you practise making up totals with money?

How many ways can you make 50p?


Literacy Home Learning 29th April 2013

Spellings 29.4.13

Numeracy Home Learning 26.4.13

This week Year 2 have been working on starting their sentences in different and interesting ways. They did amazingly well, especially with a little help from the fantastic writers in Year 6.







Colour Poem Literacy Homework

Spellings 22.4.13

Numeracy Home Learning 19.4.13

The children showed great team work when they used a letter to find out information. They found out what it would be like to work for Leonardo Da Vinci! They will write a reply to the letter and use artistic techniques to make the letter look really old. Well done Year 2.




Literacy Home Learning Monday 15th April. Read one of the stories below and answer the comprehension questions.

First News Stories

First News Questions

Spellings 15.4.13

Numeracy Home Learning 12.4.13

Literacy Home Learning Monday 8th April 2013

Spellings 8.4.13

Year 2 Summer Term Home Learning 2013

Exciting new activities for Home Learning! Which one will you choose first?

Please complete 3 learning activities and bring them in school for the sharing dates below or as soon as you are finished for our topic display!

Home Learning sharing dates are:

Friday 17th May 2013

Friday 21st June 2013

Friday 12th July 2013

Wow afternoon: Tuesday 9th July at 2pm

Summer Term Curriculum Map 2013

Y2 Swimming 2013