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Autumn 2012

Welcome to Y1 Letter


Spring 2013

Spring Welcome letter 2013

After Easter, we will be streaming the phonics learning in KS1. With this in mind, we have a brand new resource with e-learning books and activities catered to children’s individual learning abilities. I haven’t sent home phonics home learning this term as outlined in the welcome letter as we reviewed this further and feel the new system will be more beneficial for the children. The children continue to have daily reading and phonics learning in school…but we look forward to enhancing this with some exciting home learning in the summer term.

Spring topic map 2013

Maths Letter 2013

This term’s WOW day to share the children’s learning will be on FRIDAY 22nd MARCH at 9.15am-10.15am.

Show and Tell will now be topic related using our Dinosaur Homework Grid This homework is optional, but will add some fun inspiration to your child’s learning. We do not expect all to be completed. Have fun!

Resources to accompany the homework grid:

Colouring Pictures

Dinosaur flashcards

List of good dinosaur websites

Dinosaur number bonds

Dinosaur word search


T- rex challenge

We have a trip planned for March! Dinosaur Trip Letter Hard copies were sent home today 28/1/13 for you to sign and return by 8/2/13 please.

TRIP INFORMATION: this is repeated from the class blog, but I’ve added it to this page for your convenience. :)

Just a quick reminder to please pay for the trip using ParentPay as soon as possible. We are aware that PayDay is fast approaching, and would kindly request this is paid by Thursday 28th February. Thank you :)

The children will need to wear school uniform as we are representing Berkeley Primary, and also, it enables us to keep them safely with us throughout the day as they will be easily identified amongst other school children.

I will allocate 5 children to one adult, with a full itinerary for the day, which will include storytelling through the caves and a wonder through Dinosaur Valley! We will be measuring the size of the dinosaurs as part of our learning in Mathematics; exploring the caves as story settings to inspire writing; learning lots of new dinosaur facts for our learning in topic and of course, learning valuable social skills that the experience of offsite visits bring! The children are very excited as this is their first big trip out since starting school!

Please pack enough food and drink to keep them refreshed throughout the day. Disposable drinks cartons are best so that children will not have too much to carry. Please send a packed lunch inside a plastic disposable carrier bag within a backpack as outlined in the trip letter. This will lighten the load for your little ones.

Money for the gift shop is optional, with a maximum limit of £5. Please ensure this is in a labelled purse/wallet/envelope.

A trip to the caves…how very exciting! :)

We have decided that children will need to wear WELLIES and suitable Welly socks for the trip on Friday 1st March as we will be outdoors for much of the day. Along with school uniform, they will need enough layers to keep them warm, a waterproof coat and a hat, scarf and gloves. Please ensure they are dressed appropiately for the day. They will need to come in wearing wellies, no additional footwear will be required.

Many Thanks :)

Summer 2013


Our Gromit Project is well underway now, with the children making their final preparations for their WOW event this Thursday which will be their very own ‘Gromit Trail’ at Berkeley Primary to enjoy with family and friends.

We will be continuing the Gromit project during the first two weeks of term in September, and as the trail is in Bristol this summer, I have prepared some scrapbooks for the children to keep over the holidays which will come home with them this week. Please find below our KS1 Summer Home Learning Grid which has plenty of ideas to keep them busy over the summer. This Grid is for Year 1 and Year 2 as we will be doing some joint learning in the new term. Please encourage your child to complete at least 3 of the ideas on the grid, as we will be using this as a foundation for further learning in September. Also, there will be a prize for the best Summer scrapbook! Thank you, and enjoy your summer! :) This is for the current Reception Children who will be entering Y1 in September… Find the Learning Grid here: Gromit home learning

Come Fly With Me

Weather permitting, we are hoping to swim on the following dates, so please ensure your child has kit in school on these days. Thank you.

Monday 24th June

Thursday 11th July

Monday 15th July

I have one parent helper who has kindly volunteered to come as an extra pair of eyes, but if anyone else is available for any, or all of these dates, please let me know. Thank you.

We have managed to find a spot in the diary to invite you all to a fabulous WOW event we have planned. All family members and little ones are welcome to come and share the children’s learning.

Date: Thursday 18th July

Time: 9:15am

Please wear suitable walking shoes! All shall be revealed very soon…the children don’t even know yet, it’s a surprise!!! :)

Welcome to the Summer Term! Let’s hope we get some sunshine! :)

During the Summer Term, Class 1 will be exploring countries all around the world. The Overview covers the basics we will be learning, but as always, we will very much be going with the children’s ideas as to where the learning goes! We may or may not go on an offsite visit this term, as there are a few options we are exploring, but if we do, I have outlined an estimated cost (on the overview) and the month we will likely plan it for to help with financial planning.

Topic Overview Summer 2013

There are lots of exciting activities outlined below to enhance your child’s learning in this topic. This term, I will be giving the children a reward card each to give praise for effort with home learning. We will be holding special ‘Home Learning’ award assemblies too! We want to really value the children’s efforts in a big way! Last term, the Dinosaur home learning was phenomenal! Let’s see if we can top that!

Sports Day Letter 2013

Summer Home Learning

Historical Fact Template To use for your research on Berkeley!

Wow voucher You can never be short of WOW vouchers now to capture and share those special moments!


Weather permitting, we are hoping to swim on the following dates, so please ensure your child has kit in school on these days. Thank you.

Monday 24th June 2013

Thursday 11th July 2013

Monday 15th July 2013

I have one parent helper who has kindly volunteered to come as an extra pair of eyes, but if anyone else is available for any, or all of these dates, please let me know. Thank you.